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  • Our pre - programmed wireless button will activate The Little Screamer and wake the world up around you in a criminal or medical life threatening emergency. If you only had one chance to save your life wouldn't you want the world around you to know you need HELP ?
  • Top View
  • What it looks like mounted on a big truck. It can be mounted where you see it or on the roof pointed towards the back towards the nose of the trailer OR
 if your a camper or motor home mount it on the roof pointed towards the side your front door is on.
  • The whole system includes everything you need to help save your life. One wireless button super loud alarm/flashing light, 10 feet of wire  and brackets for mounting.

The Little Screamer { Emergency Road Device }


Product Description

Truckers, Campers and Motor Home owners here is the only Emergency Road Device on the market called The Little Screamer . Safety is an important issue in todays world and our team is committed to helping you be saved in a life threatening emergency. Whether your a trucker or one of the lucky ones who get to go camping all the time or head south for the winter this will change the way you have security in truckstops, rest areas, campgrounds and it will even help if you're in a dangerous area in a big city delivering a load..

The Little Screamer can be mounted in about an hour it is operated off of your fuse box or directly to your battery. Once it's mounted all you have to do is push your wireless button and the world around you will be alerted by the super loud alarm with the flashing light going off. Put our bumper sticker style message on your vehicle saying that it is equipped with this emergency road device to let everyone know to call 911 for you if they hear / see it going off.

Scroll to the bottom to watch the video of it going off on one of the trucks out on the road already equipped with this life saving device. Please make sure you turn your speakers down a bit it's very loud.

Have you ever heard the saying if you keep doing things the same way you end up with the same results? Here at Big Rig Innovation we not only strive to be the most innovative creative company out here to help save lives and to help in other aspects of the trucking and camping world we live for it while we live on the roads with you.

Get The Little Screamer now so you're ready when that unfortunate moment comes when a criminal is breaking in or you're having a major health issue about to take your life.

Here's what you get with it besides our FULL REFUND Gurantee when and if it helps save your life in that criminal or medical emergency. Please see our policy page for requirements for a full refund.

What you get when you order The Little Screamer

# One outside use alarm/flashing light. The perfect device to help save a life in a medical or criminal emergency.

# One wireless button that activates the device within 500 feet of where the device is mounted. You can purchase additional wireless buttons and we will pre program them to set your device off. Have one in different areas of your motor home or even outside in a tent next to your motor home or camper or on ein the cab of your truck and one in the bunk.

NOTE if you want more than one wireless button they are $15.95 each we will pre program each button to set your device off. Please see add on buttons in the drop down list.

# Installation instructions. Easily installed in less than an hour by a local mechanic or yourself if you can hook up two wires - one to your fuse box or battery and ground the other wire and mount the alarm/flashing light combined in one unit.

# 10 feet of wire to run to your battery or fuse box.

# Two brackets or you can get some double faced strong tape to attach it to your vehicle it's your choice which method you use. You can mount it to the roof of your camper on the side your front door is on or mount it on the back of your semi behind the sleeper or on the roof under your wind fairing.

# One bumper sticker to put on your side compartment door or wherever is in view for people to see it so they know your vehicle is equipped with The Little Screamer. The sticker will say This vehicle is equipped with The Little Screamer emergency road device please call 911 if you hear it/see it going off

# A full refund if used within one year of purchase and it helped save your life. When you follow our guide lines for a full refund { see policy page }

Also if you would like the device painted to match the paint code on your vehicle please add $45.00 to your order if you would like the device to blend in to your existing color OTHERWISE they come in a flat black.

See our policy page to read about our devices and the policies on copyright and patent processing. If you are interested in buying or selling our devices and or our Trucking info products soon to come please just contact us to work with us not against us we would really not like to meet you through bad vibes we like to live life with a great attitude. Thank you


Product Videos

The Little Screamer 01:38

This is a life saving device, we all should own. Check out this video and see how it can help save your life or others.

  • The Little Scr...
    This is a life saving device, we all should own. Check out thi...

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