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Road Health

Honey Bee Nature products are straight from the bee hive. Our family here at True Heart Gifts decided to offer these to our customers for one well maybe two simple reasons. One is because we feel they are the best product out there that is all natural and has a lot of health benefits for the young and the elderly. It's really amazing how smart the honeys bees really are.

The second reason is a true story based on Grandpa B. we know kind of ironic his name is Grandpa B. but seriously it is.

He started taking this bee product over 27 years ago while living on the road. As a trucker he wanted to stay in tip top shape and stay healthy. He was traveling hundreds of miles a  day a man who was considered a very hard runner back in the day when truckers could run as hard as they wanted to if they knew how to run well lets say at least one log book. Through the years he was committed to taking these daily and after over 27 years without any health problems he maybe had the flu once or twice all them years and  we can tell you he is still as healthy as a horse at 54 years old and can still keep up or lets say actually outwork most teenagers. He's still driving a big truck pulling tank and says he enjoys being out on the road with all the other { well almost all } truckers because even though some say the compadraship is gone , that's not true in his eyes because a lot of truckers out on the roads are very professional men and women who are serious family oriented truckers trying to make a living like him. 

Grandpa has been through a lot of tough times through life and his best advice is to take these bee product pills , stay focused on where you're going in life and to remain calm in all situations while never losing your patience, they say patience is a virtue but really out on the road patience saves lives. After being a trucker most of his life he has maintained the exact weight he was when leaving school back when he was 16 and when he was growing up on a midwest farm he knew when he was about 14 years old out disking in the fields he knew he was going to be a trucker and yep here he is still going strong after over 3 million plus safe miles.

The reasons he started taking them was because of what he read about the benefits like they build your immune system, help keep you young, they help you stay focused and calm while at the same time giving you energy without any kind of jitters or burning up your energy fast leaving you feel worn out.

The products in the bee hive that are put into these pills are as follows and what their purpose is in the bee hive and what they can do for you. These resources below about the benefits of each product in the bee pills were found online and are NOT to convince you to buy the bee product we offer they are to inform you of the benefits of the 4 products in the bee pills we offer. Royal Jelly, propolis, bee pollen and raw honey.

WARNING  if you are allergic to bee stings or if you are pregnant please consult your doctor before taking these bee pills. It has been shown that if your allergic to stings you may be allergic to these pills and doctors say this product is not a good idea to take if your pregnant.

Royal Jelly  The only bee in the bee hive that gets to eat the royal Jelly is you guessed it The Queen Bee and it's responsible for keeping her alive 5 times longer than the worker bees. So ust imagine what it might do for you. Hopefully not keep us alive 5 times longer than the average age of 80 can you imagine living to be 80 x 5 years longer = 400. Well who knows maybe by taking this it will give us 10 or 20 years more than the average.Read more below about the benefits of royal jelly.

Propolis another very important product found in the bee hive. Propolis is responsible for killing all the germs and bacteria when they enter the bee hive to keep the honey as pure as possible. Did you know that honey is one of few products grown in nature that can be put on a shelf in your home and stay edible for a very very long time. Propolis can build your immune system to help you fight off colds, flus, viruses and many more germs that you come in contact with. See more below about the benefits of propolis.

The bee caps also have raw honey and bee pollen in them another two very important natural products found in the bee hive.