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We try to make things as simple as possible for all of our customers.

Your shipping costs are free unless you live outside of the U.S. If you do live outside we have a flat rate for shipping outside the U.S.

Our return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied ship it back to us with a valid reason and we will be more than happy to refund your money. We only want happy satisfied customers, Our team is here to offer a simple solution to be saved in an emergency situation along with our other innovations for the trucking and camping world.. If you are not happy we will do our very best to change that.

Our FULL REFUND policy on our safety device.

Our safety devices The Little Screamer for truckers and campers and The Little Screamer for your house or mobile home to help you feel more secure at home and to help your community to have a safer neighborhood both devices offer a full refund when and if these devices save your life in a criminal or medical emergency within 1 year of the date of purchase. To get your full refund you must have a police or ambulance report stating your device was going off which is why the police or ambulance was called. The ambulance report must state you were given medical treatment or transported to the hospital. The police report must state they were called because your device was going off that's why they were called and someone was charged with a crime. We also require a written testimonial with your picture OR when we personally deliver your refund we would appreciate you letting us do a short one or two minute video of your testimonial.


Any of the products you will find here are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back, we only offer products we stand behind.


Please feel free to message us anytime about any concerns you may have on our contact page.

Except for the Nature Bee Pills we offer on our site the below paragraph is for all of the other products you will ever find on our site. 

Any products you find on our site are designed by our team and we are in the process of putting them through the patent processing stage. If you are interested in buying or selling our devices and or our Trucking info products soon to come please just contact us to work with us not against us we would really not like to meet you through bad vibes we like to live life with a great attitude. 

Thank you