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Our Mission

A couple years ago we decided to bring our expertise together and create a place where Truckers, Motor Home owners and pull behind camper owners could get a life saving device to help them on the road get the help they need in a life threatening emergency. Our mission was to create a super easy way for the everyone on the road and in campgrounds to get help in a criminal or medical emergency. The Little Screamer screams help for you when you need help the most. Did we forget to mention you will be able to laugh and watch a criminal run away as fast as he can when you push your button.

During the process of developing The Little Screamer we also created The Little Screamer 2 the device that will change the way a neighborhood watch system is developed. Using this device will help save lives and help make your community a safer place to live. See our neighborhood home security device. This has the potential to make your community one of the safest places around your area.

 Our team is made of teck savy caring people who have specialty skills in electrical systems, design and marketing. Our mission is to help our clients feel more secure and safe while also helping them save money and solving problems in a very innovative way.

 The old school common sense approach to life is what we are all about. Our team consists of country people who grew up on farms and decades of family members in the trucking industry. Life on the road can be very dangerous for truckers and campers alike and we are determined to give you the best approach on the market to help save your life in a life threatening emergency whether you're at home or on the road.


Look for upcoming new devices and products for the trucking and the camping world we focus on developing products that save you money, hassles and problems on the road and maybe one day your life will saved with our emergency road device.

See our policy page to read about our devices and the policies on copyright and patent processing. If you are interested in buying or selling our devices and or our Trucking info products soon to come please just contact us to work with us not against us we would really not like to meet you through bad vibes we like to live life with a great attitude. Thank you

Don't forget to take a minute to see our partner on our Unique Gift section for some beautiful gifts and some very personal gifts from an award winning author who has spent millions of miles on the road with you and knows how you feel missing the ones you love back home.