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Neighborhood Watch Alarm

The ultimate system in a neighborhood watch system. Protection for the elderly, single women and for the families out there who feel they are at risk of a criminal breaking in or someone in your house has a medical condition. This is the best and only alternative to the monthly fee companies that offer an alert system. In the common sense approach this could get you help faster than any of the monthly fee companies. Your neighbors will know you need them to call 911 for you when you set this device off with our wireless button that we pre program to set it off.

It's a super loud alarm with a flashing bright light on it that's mounted to the outside of your home on the side that faces the street. Once you purchase one our company sends out flyers to your surrounding neighbors { up to 10 of them } alerting them that one of their neighbors has this device on their home and to please call 911 when you hear it or see it going off because that neighbor has a life threatening emergency in their home. This means that your neighbors will know you need emergency help and you're not holding your breath that someone sitting at a desk across the county will see that your monthly fee buzzer is going off and then they have to follow proper procedures before they call 911.

Just think about this for a minute. Maybe you have older kids that you worry about because you're in a bad neighborhood or maybe they have health issues, if they are responsible you can give them one of our pre programmed buttons so they can activate the device. Maybe you're going out for the night and leaving them with a sitter, now the sitter can push the button to activate it. God only knows when our lives can change and if you're not prepared it could end in a very bad way.

This system can even work in an apartment building, they can be set on a window sill or even in someones apartment that you trust that lives in the same building. This system can be activated within 500 feet of where the device is set up at with the wireless button.

We've all heard of the neighbor watch program now with this system your neighborhood will have the best equipped neighbor hood watch system where all the neighbors will know you need help and you need it fast. If this would have been implemented years ago God only knows how many lives we could have all saved.

We have so much confidence in this system and concept we are giving back when a life is saved. A full refund of your purchase to you, we even hand deliver a check to you or you can chose to have us give a device to someone you care about, maybe a neighbor who couldn't afford one, heck maybe even the neighbor that made the phone call to 911 that helped save your life. If you choose to have us give one away it could possibly save their life so in return your life was saved and then you helped save someone else by having us give them one. How much sweeter can life be ?