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Emergency Road Alarm

Life on the road can get a little scary at times when you're a trucker or camper who spends a lot of time alone. This security alarm is for the women in trucking, truckers with health conditions, Truckers that are worried about their safety in dangerous areas, campers and motor home owners Once you get this Emergency Road Alarm click here to see more details and to hear it going off in a video The Little Screamer you will have a way to get help in a life threatening emergency. The Little Screamer screams help for you when you need help the most. Truckers and campers get The Little Screamer to help protect your life on the road and check out our Neighborhood watch alarm to help protect your families while you're gone on the road.

Who is the device intended for ?

 #Women in Trucking.

#Truckers and campers who might be worried about health conditions.

#Truckers who go to dangerous areas in big cities.

#Elderly people who go traveling a lot in their motor homes or pull behind campers.

#Families who go camping together.

#Campgrounds who want to help make their campground more secure.

 Some of our family members have been involved in the trucking profession for decades and being a professional driver you already know being a defensive driver can help you avoid bad accidents and lives being lost. Defensive driving is the number one rule on the highways but what about preventing someone from dying in their truck,rv or camper when a life threatening medical or criminal emergency is happening ? Our safety device is the answer to that problem and it helps all of us help one another when it happens.

It's the old school thinking like it use to be neighbors helping neighbors when something happens. Now it will be truckers helping truckers and campers helping campers with one simple 911 emergency call when you see or hear this device going off on a semi or camper that's in your area.

Imagine you're laying in your bunk or the bed in your camper at night and you're all alone with no one to help you and a major health issue such as a heart attack or something else that puts you in so much pain you can barely move or maybe a criminal is breaking in  and you have no way to protect yourself. With this system you push a simple wireless button and The Little Screamer goes off sending out a super loud alarm and flashing light off on the outside of your vehicle. Now everyone around you will know you need help or your life maybe over. They call 911 for you and you get the help you need.

 What you get when you order The Little Screamer

# One outside use alarm/flashing light. The perfect device to help save a life in a medical or criminal emergency.

# One wireless button that activates the device within 500 feet of where the device is mounted. You can purchase additional wireless buttons and we will pre program them to set your device off. Have one in different areas of your motor home or even outside in a tent next to your motor home or camper.

# Installation instructions. Easily installed in less than an hour by a local mechanic or yourself if you can hook up two wires - one to your fuse box or battery and ground the other wire and mount the alarm/flashing light combined in one unit.

# 10 feet of wire to run to your battery or fuse box.

# Two brackets you can use to mount it to the roof of your camper or on the side in the upper corner on the side your front door is on or mount it on the back of your semi behind the sleeper or on the roof under your wind fairing.

# One bumper sticker to put on your side compartment door or wherever is in view for people to see it so they know your vehicle is equipped with The Little Screamer the sticker will say This vehicle is equipped with The Little Screamer emergency road device please call 911 if you hear it/see it going off

# A full refund if used within one year of purchase and it helped save your life. When you follow our guide lines for a full refund { see policy page } This system will not only help save your life it can help save one of your friends lives by choosing to have us give one of your friends a device for free if you select to have us do that instead of taking the full refund in your pocket. We have so much confidence in this system and concept we are giving back when a life is saved. A full refund of your purchase to you, we even hand deliver a check to you or you can chose to have us give a device to someone you care about, maybe another trucker or camper who couldn't afford one, heck maybe even the trucker or camper that made the phone call to 911 that helped save your life. If you choose to have us give one away it could possibly save their life so in return your life was saved and then you helped save someone else by having us give them one. How much sweeter can life be 

 Who else can this device for ?

Farmers that want one on a tractor they spend lot of time on out in the fields.

Boaters who are worried about safety on their boat and wanting away to alert other boaters that you need help.

Do you go camping a lot and take your teenage kids with you and they want to sleep in the tent by your camper or motor home ? Get an additional wireless button with your order and give them one of our wireless buttons to activate the device installed on your camper so if anyone should try to get in their tent while they're sleeping they can push this button and wake up everyone around your camper so they can get help when they need it before something bad happens to them.