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Axle Weight Gauge

Truckers and Trucking companies here is the simplest most affordable Axle Weight Gauge a very simple concept to help you know what your axles weigh on your truck or trailer. Tested by a 3 million mile owner operator on our highways hauling loads all over the country pulling vans, flats and tankers. No more cat scales well at least not after you have made a few notes in your little black book on what pressure this gauge reads when you go to a cat scale a few times after mounting our simple quick disconnect system to your truck or trailer. Knowing what your axles weigh BEFORE you leave the shipper will save truckers and trucking companies a lot of money by not having to run to a truckstop to weigh, saves on fuel and wear and tear on your equipment not to mention an over weight fine if you run into a state dot scale before you get to the truck stop to weigh and the pain of having to find a truck stop when you just got loaded in a major city having to fight traffic just to get to a truckstop to weigh your load. This system called just what it is an Axle Weight Gauge is a simple concept of a quick disconnect system so your gauge is not out in the weather, the gauge itself is kept in your side box or in your cab next to your seat.

We all know about the systems out there don;t let them make you think you have to pay hundreds for a system that basically works the same way except their system is out in the weather, costs more and can be ruined by salt, rain and snow. Our quick disconnect system can work on a truck or trailer that has an air bag ride system that doesn't have a load weight gauge.

Once you haul a few loads and keep a ledger on what our gauge reads for pressure when you compare it to what the truck stop scale says you weigh. Lets say you have it on your trailer and you scale it at a truckstop and the gauge reads 25 lbs of pressure and the scale says your axles weigh 30,000 lbs, you would write that down in your black book and then weigh another load at the truckstop and the gauge reads 30 lbs of pressure and the scale says you weigh 34000 lbs on your trailer axle write that down in your ledger.

Now you know that when your gauge reads 25 lbs  that means your axle weighs right at 30,000 lbs and if it reads 30 lbs your axle weighs 34000 lbs and if it read between 25 and 30 lbs of air pressure you know you're between 30.000 lbs and 34000 lbs. We suggest weighing at a truckstop a few times and writing down in your ledger what your gauge reads on a few different loads that way you can have notations in your ledger what the guage reads on a few different loads.

You get everything you need to have an axle weight gauge that saves you hundreds and thousands a year in fuel and cat scale charges not to mention the pain of finding a truck stop to weigh at then find out your overweight then having to deal with the choice do you run back to the shipper to make them move the weight or take some off or run with illegal axle weights.

To set it up you just use our kit to run an air line to the T that runs air to your air bag system on your truck or trailer then connect our female coupler to the other end and mount the female coupler to the side rail of your trailer or truck so that it's right there along the side to make it easy to plug the male coupling that has the axle pressure gauge on it right into the female coupler. Then you just read the air pressure and once you've already been to a cat scale to test your gauge and you know at lets say 25 lbs of pressure means your axle weighs 30,000 lbs you just disconnect the male from the female and put the gauge with the 1 foot hose it's attached to back in your sidebox or cab.

This way your gauge is never out in the weather and you will save yourself and your company a lot of money over a years time. If you have 10 trucks or a thousand trucks it just don't make any sense not to have this system in place on all of your trucks and trailers that don't have an air weight gauge system.

We have made this so affordable and the dot isn't going to like it and neither are the cat scales going to like it but it isn't like we are worried about their pocket book we are concerned with your bottom line and saving you a lot of headaches.